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Camp Create is dedicated to art history, cultural awareness, creativity, and self-expression. Campers will create a variety of projects and will work in several mediums, while experiencing all that JCA’s galleries have to offer.

Open to ages 8 to 12

Cost: $125 per child

What your child will learn at camp

All workshops and activities are lead by professional artists, art teachers, JCA's Education Coordinator, and JCA staff.

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Museum Culture & gallery Manners

Camp Create incorporates JCA gallery exhibits into camper learning. Campers spend time in galleries exploring, observing, discussing, and documenting professional artworks. Camp Create encourages soft feet, soft voices, and calm hands in gallery spaces. 

Wheat Field with Cypresses

Famous Artists, Artworks, and movements

Camp Create highlights five famous artists, their historical and artistic significances, and their styles. 2023 focus artists include Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Yayoi Kusama, Frida Kahlo, and Henri Matisse. 


How to work with various mediums, tools, & studio settings

Campers will experiment and create with a variety of mediums and associated tools, including traditional and non-traditional paint materials, ceramics and clay and dry mediums such as soft pastel. Campers will work in a variety of settings, including a clay studio, workshop rooms, a traditional painting studio, and a black box theatre. 

In addition to single and multi-session art workshops, each day campers participate in art games, visual exercises, warm-ups, art stations, sketches and timed drawing activities.

What Your Child Will Receive at Camp

  • Camp Create provides all art materials. On Friday, campers will take home their finished works, which may include paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. 

  • A personal sketchbook and sketching materials to be used throughout the week

  • A Camp Create t-shirt

  • A Camp Create decal

  • Prizes from art games and workshop activities

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