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The Creative Crunch Event Series illuminates pathways to artistic success with an emphasis on career success and noteworthy accomplishment! The series, hosted by JCA at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, invites guest artists from across the United States to offer personal insights on three main themes: art business development, business strategies, and insider advice.

Presentation topics include artistic education; transitioning to or beginning a business in the arts; artistic streams of income and artistic employment; connecting with galleries, patrons, and other artists; working with clients; commissions and sales; continuing artistic growth and development; studio and workspace organization; tools and software; social media, newsletters, and other visibility tools; time management strategies; traveling as an artist; shipping and storage of art; communicating artistic vision; working with artistic teams; casting and auditions; and industry forecast.  

Guest artists present in three formats, including lecture presentation, one-on-one interview, and panel discussion, in 60-minutes session. All formats include time for questions from the audience, and refreshments are included!

Creative Crochet with Jessica Mordy

October 20th 6-7 PM 

Thyen-Clark Cultural Center

Jessica Mordy began cultivating her crochet skills in elementary school. By college, she was creating her own beanie patterns and gifting them to friends. In October 2021, Jessica published her first crochet book, and soon after, she began selling her art globally. 


Today, she is the author of a series of books on the craft - the Cultivating Crochet series, including A Christmas Expression, A Patriotic Expression, and An Ornamental Expression. The books are thorough, containing photographic instructions on the basics of the craft, as well as detailed information on yarn and tools, and timeless crochet patterns of Jessica's design. Interested patrons may find the books on Amazon.


In her Creative Crunch talk, Jessica will describe the creative process from its birth to development to profitability,  and the business choices that allow her to thrive as an artist today. Time will be allotted for audience Q&A. Refreshments will be served.


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