In the Schools & In Our Community

We believe in developing an appreciation of the arts for the young and the young-at-heart. Recent studies have shown that individuals with some arts background are more creative and bring the necessary skills to adapt in a rapidly changing world market. The creative arts can also offer an alternative outlet for the elderly to communicate with others. 

Several of our series performers will conduct master classes, or workshops. There are also opportunities for local students to meet with professional visual artists. 



Grades k-2

The Pout Pout Fish


Turn the poutiest of frowns upside down in this new musical featuring whimsical puppets and live performers in a sweeping oceanic adventure. When Mr. Fish sets out on a quest to find Miss Clam’s missing pearl, he discovers there is more to him than his permanently plastered pout.

Education Programming

Grades 3-5

Dog Man: The Musical

dog man.jpg

With the head of a dog and the body of a policeman, Dog Man loves to fight crime and chew on the furniture. But while trying his best to be a good boy, can he save the city from Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings? Can he catch Petey, the world’s most evil cat, who has cloned himself to exact revenge on the doggy do-gooder? And will George and Harold finish their show before lunchtime?? Find out in this epic musical adventure featuring the hilarity and heart of Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters.



Grades 6-8

How to Survive Middle School

How to survive middle school.jpg

Comedian Robert Post barely survived Middle School. Struggling because of various learning disabilities, he found that making people laugh saved him. In this brand new multimedia performance, kids talk to kids in a compelling, funny and educational show. Dealing with real issues affecting students today including social media, testing, bullying and peer pressure these video testimonials by kids and their advocates (along with a generous dose of Post’s signature humor) is sure to resonate with school and public audiences alike.

Senior Outreach

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Jasper Community Arts partners with local nursing homes to provide enrichment to our community. Activities vary from performing artists stopping by for a mini concert, to our staff walking residents through how to create their own masterpieces!

Kennedy Center Partnership

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Jasper Community Arts, Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools, and Vincennes University Jasper provide arts-based professional development opportunities for local teachers through the Kennedy Center Partners in Education.