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In the Schools & In Our Community

We believe in developing an appreciation of the arts for the young and the young-at-heart. Recent studies have shown that individuals with some arts background are more creative and bring the necessary skills to adapt in a rapidly changing world market. The creative arts can also offer an alternative outlet for the elderly to communicate with others. 

Several of our series performers will conduct master classes, or workshops. There are also opportunities for local students to meet with professional visual artists. 



Grades k-2

Yogapalooza with Bari Koral

Bari Koral Photo.png

Every day, thousands of children, parents and teachers around the around are learning and enjoying the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with Bari. She is considered a pioneer in the world of kids yoga! To date, she has presented to over 100,000 teachers, helping to incorporate yoga into the classroom with her beloved songs and activities. Bari has even performed at the White House and appeared in the NY Times and People Magazine. 

Education Programming

Grades 3-5

Kuniko Yamamoto

Kuniko Yamamoto.jpg

Kuniko Yamamoto enchants audiences of every age with dramatic storytelling, using myths and fables from ancient and modern Japan and spiced with social revelations to educate and amuse. Origami Tales uses folded paper animals and faces, which come alive in folk tales. Every program encourages audience interaction and participation. Each narrative is carefully selected for cultural and moral perspectives



Grades 6-8

Letters Aloud: Be the Change

Letters Aloud Steph pic.png

Letters Aloud presents a brand-new virtual assembly program designed for middle school and high school students across the country. Created to help young people find their own voice during these troubled times by writing personal, handwritten letters to their heroes. "Be the Change" is a wonderful teaching tool for educators to utilize during the restrictions and concerns of modern life. The program focuses on real letters, by real people throughout history, and features prominent artists, sports professionals, political figures and more.

Kennedy Center Partnership

2747-110 logo-2.jpg

Jasper Community Arts, Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools, and Vincennes University Jasper provide arts-based professional development opportunities for local teachers through the Kennedy Center Partners in Education. 

Senior Outreach

feb 2019.JPG

Jasper Community Arts partners with local nursing homes to provide enrichment to our community. Activities vary from performing artists stopping by for a mini concert, to our staff walking residents through how to create their own masterpieces!

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